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the Mediterranean mine

the mystery falls to your stellar past and to the wind to blow of your igneous particles and of your dark it is worth to think that we are not single… the black is what reigns in all your empire more not your calm of subtility in which it fills to you the heat of your yellow light that it is in the distance you are arenaceous in all eternity and light floods all the hope that you lock up in all the lives and sometimes black and sometimes orange and you leave the nothing us you are perecedera, hoping your to shine when more not being able to shine you do broken of your sparkles the birth of the matting of your illuminating that it makes fulgurar…. you are the beauty of being natural and digress… of distant spot sees yourself you of a reddish tone when not knowing so that? and they associate to you with the woman beams uu felt in your mystery in all the millenia of your times… rare times you let yourself see in your negritudes and you reach infinite latitudes of not being because your always you accompany the others you are described like the big shot of the planet. your light is inextinguishable… Eugene

stream to the bottom of your waters of mystery

in your waters you gather annals of history that you could transfer them to the most gracious thoughts and before our sufferings you reveal to us that you are magna your cities that surround to you to not leave you… your Venice is acclaimed and adored because in your waters it succumbs… heat, heat is what you know to give and you enrich empty your ondanadas of penumbra penumbra, penumbra, are what you know to give and to the way that it DAS we do not know of where it comes joy, joy is what you know to take… your waves multicolors take to virgin places your virgin women who live to you they give the virtue you of the patience in the sobriety and the power in the force of your dark waters I say good bye to you… Eugene Caracas, 09 03 2007

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