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29 08 07
Campaigners in Switzerland had a novel way of conveying the bare facts of climate change - by stripping off! Hundreds of protesters braved the cold earlier this month (18aUG07) on the Aletsch Glacier in the Alps as part of a joint installation by artist Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace. The living sculpture was feted as a symbolic link between people and glaciers, which are rapidly retreating as a result of climate change. Markus Allemann, campaign coordinator for Greenpeace Switzerland, explains, "The human body is as vulnerable as the melting glacier. These naked people are braving the cold today because they want decision-makers to wake up and take immediate, forceful, and courageous steps to protect the climate. There is still time, but it is running out." If global warming continues at its current rate, most glaciers in Switzerland will completely disappear by 2080, leaving nothing but valleys and slopes strewn with rock debris. Over the last 150 years, alpine glaciers have reduced in size by approximately one third of their surface and half of their mass, and this melting is accelerating. The Aletsch Glacier retreated 115 meters (377 feet) in a single year from 2005 to 2006. (CB/WN/SH) Supplied by WENN

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